Outerplanetary (Extraordinary) People (PDF E-Book)

A handbook for the astrologically unusual

Learn how to be an ambassador of tomorrow and to handle the energies of constant change that are the mission and challenge of people with Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and/or Chiron prominent. You're "PUNCs" with a purpose!

For two decades, the concepts in Joyce Mason's Outerplanetary People articles have been a toolkit
for people with the outer planets prominent. Now in an easy-read PDF e-book format, you can print
out your favorite pages and refer often to your handbook that helps you serve on your mission to bring
the cutting-edge of evolution back to your tribe. Known by the acronym PUNCs, if you're a Plutonian,
Uranian, Neptunian and/or Chironic, this one's for you.

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