Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer (PDF E-Book)

Chiron, the key that unlocks your path to wholeness

Learn how Chiron in your astrology chart turns places of pain, and parts of yourself you have abandoned, into the hero's journey toward wholeness.

Chiron has slowly come into everyday use among astrologers since its discovery in 1977, yet many people still struggle to get a handle on its meaning and application. Often called the "wounded healer," Chiron is much more. It represents both our stumbling block to wholeness and the catalyst that leads us to it. Often, this journey of healing and finding where we fit in leads us to our true vocation. We find our work of the heart by breaking through the places we're stuck or finally fitting together the parts of ourselves we previously have been unable to integrate. When we break the logjam, we want to share the joy and gifts of that release with others. Chiron leads us to wholeness and help us give back by contributing our unique knowledge and talents to our community, honed by our hero's journey.

JOYCE MASON is a writer and astrologer who has studied and specialized in Chiron for over two decades. This primer synthesizes what she has learned and provides a starting point for newcomers to Chiron and her unique perspective for those who simply want to learn more. Joyce is known for her blog, The Radical Virgo, and for her depth and humor when bringing the Sky down to Earth. Learn more:

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