Keywords to Unlock Chiron (PDF E-Book)

Open the 50 passageways to healing and weaving wholeness.

"Keywords" unlocks the passageways to healing and wholeness in 50 words and phrases that go to the heart of this archetype for our times. An an astrology book for anyone from newbie to pro interested in healing, wholeness and optimal self-expression.

Keywords to Unlock Chiron: 50 Passageways to Healing and Wholeness. This milestone book by
astrologer and Chiron specialist Joyce Mason covers in depth 50 of the most important key words
or phrases connected with Chiron. Not just a "wounded healer," Chiron is also a wholeness
weaver. The 50 keywords explore the full range of the language of Chiron, one word or phrase per
chapter. These words tell us about Chiron's wounding-to-healing curve. Each rich essay tells
where the word(s) come from and what instructions they give us to go from stuck in pain or
disowned parts of ourselves to stiching ourselves back together and claiming our part of the
human tapestry. Weaver and Wholeness are the first and last chapters with some of these word
passageways in-between: mentor, teacher, quest, stuck, healing, healing humor, abandonment and
rejection, lemons to lemonade, composite solutions, and higher/lower self. Appendix 1 gives
associations with the most resonant keywords to your Chiron sign and aspects. In other chapters,
there are specific healing modalites suggested for your Chiron configuration. Permeated with
humor and practical suggestions, this is a handbook for overcoming whatever holds you back from
becoming all you are. It's also user-friendly to those with little or no knowledge of astrology, as
well as astrology students and professionals.

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